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Comparing Alternative Energy Sources

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When comparing alternative energy sources, solar energy, produced when the sun burns hydrogen at its core and releasing huge amounts of energy, is one source being used more consistently to replace traditional forms of energy. Installing a solar panel (or multiple solar panels) could be one of the best investments ever made to your home, both economically and environmentally. Out of all of the renewable alternative energy sources available today, solar panels for your home continue to be one of the most feasible. Government incentives at every level from local to federal make installation of solar panels in your home not only reasonable but also efficient.

Solar panels have different classifications given by the United States Energy Information Agency. They are low, medium and high temperature and are classified by the amount of energy that they collect. There are a variety of brands, including Sanyo, Evergreen and Kyocera, just to name a few. They range in price, depending on the energy level, from $100 and up. As with all products that are purchased, especially when comparing alternative energy sources, wise consumers should shop around, ask questions and compare products and prices, realizing that renewable energy is an entirely new market and requires ecofriendly and informed salespeople.

Solar panels for your home have no moving parts and are environmentally friendly. They are low, silent and collect energy when they are exposed to light which is then converted into electricity. As more and more people are realizing the many benefits of using solar energy, and they are they are beginning to compare alternative energy sources, the cost is going down. Twenty years ago, installing solar power panels cost approximately seven times as much as it does today. As costs continue to lower and technology continues to improve, the consumer will see solar power systems pay for themselves in three to five years. The current average is ten years. The most significant part of this fact is that, after the solar power system pays for itself, the consumer has free electricity from that point on. The implications of that fact are staggering.

Considering alternative energy sources requires a great deal of research because of the significance of such a renovation to one’s home. When considering green energy, the winner of the greenest home solar panel system is the Evergreen system, at a price of approximately $1,000. The feature that allows this is known as “low energy payback”. Evergreen’s Spruce panels regain the impact on environment in as little as eighteen months because of the efficiency and responsible processes when manufacturing this product The winner of the overall best home solar panel is Kyocera, also costing around $1,000. It is a quality product, achieving a high level of efficiency, carries a twenty-year factory warranty and a twenty-five year power output warranty. And, it costs approximately $100-200 less than other models.

With green energy, it is evident that solar panels has been and will continue to be a leader in the industry of green energy. As part of the solar system that we live in, it only makes sense to become a part of that system. The sun offers alternative energy as a source. The environment demands that people become responsible and begin perceiving the resources that are available as precious and quickly depleting. Energy is one of those resources that can be easily be converted simply by making wise choices. Considering alternative energy sources is not just a trendy thing to do any more, but quickly becoming a necessity.