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How to Build Your Own Solar Panel

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Although the process by which you can build your own solar panel may seem daunting, it is certainly not an impossible task. Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular investment among those who wish to make their home “greener”, or environmentally friendly.

When you build your own solar panel, you will be able to benefit the environment as well as save money that would otherwise be spent on purchasing the item for yourself from a manufacturer. The following are a series of steps that will help make this idea an reality.

To build your own solar panel, you will need a 12 or 16 volt solar panel, a battery box, a 12 volt acid or rechargeable battery, a DC meter, a handheld drill, and an inverter.

Step #1

Although you may use a 12 volt solar panel when you build your own solar panel, a 16 volt panel is probably a wiser choice as it will provide more power. There are several places where this can be purchased although RV stores and marinas are great places to look. They typically cost approximately $100 although they can be found for cheaper.

Step #2

A battery is an essential part of the solar panel. Although many try to find the largest battery available, a smaller rechargeable battery is usually a better option. A 12 volt battery is typically sufficient.

Step #3

You will require a battery box in order to achieve safe functioning of the solar panel. This will protect the battery as well as the power it generates. A battery box is especially important in cases where there are small children in the home or if the building is a small one.

Step #4

A DC meter is then used to match the DC input and the battery’s voltage. The DC meter will allow the energy to be converted via the panel to those power sources which are present in the home. If you are planning to power AC appliances as well, you will require an inverter to accomplish this as well.

Step #5

The next step is to use these pieces to construct the solar panel. The drill, preferably handheld, can be used to attach the meter as well as the DC input to the battery box top. You will then use insulated wiring in order to connect the battery to the meter.

You should ensure that you are only working with a single wire at any given point so that you are sure the wires are connected to the right part of the battery. The first wire should be connected to the negative input. The panel and the DC inlet should then be attached to the battery.

Tip #6

After this has been completed, the solar power is then able to be converted to usable energy. Use a cord to tightly shut the lid. Then, the device should be placed in direct sunlight. It will typically take approximately 8 hours for the solar energy to be ready to use.

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