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Comparing Solar Panels

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Comparing solar panels is the best way to make an informed decision before you make an investment. It can be cumbersome, but it is well worth the extra time and effort. Choosing panels with the highest efficiency while staying within a reasonable budget is likely your goal. Comparing products and quotes will help guide you in making a decision. The cost of solar panels has decreased over time, and this form of energy significantly improves efficiency and saves you money.

Solar panels for your home are an excellent choice. They are costly upfront, but they pay off in the long run by significantly decreasing your energy bills. Getting the best deal possible is the key to saving on the initial cost, and comparing solar panels is the key to making the best overall decision. You usually get what you pay for, so keep that in mind when comparing solar panels. How efficient a panel is very often drives how much it costs. It is important to determine how much energy the panels can produce and how much they will save you. With the advancements in technology, the quality and efficiency of the panels available has greatly improved. You have the option of buying older and less expensive panels, but keep in mind that they will not be as efficient or last as long.

Something important to consider is the amount of time in the long term you will be spending in your home or business. You do not want to make a large investment on solar panels if you know that you may move in the next couple of years. You will not earn back the money spent upfront in energy savings if this is the case. If, however, you plan to stay in your home or business for the next several years, spending a large amount upfront makes sense. You will likely recover the initial costs within a matter of a few years. Also keep in mind that the installation of this product can add value to your home or business.

The first and most important factor to consider when comparing solar panels is the ratio of dollars to watts. The second factor is the age of the panels and how long they have been used. Keep these additional tips in mind before making a purchase:

- Request the PTC (PV USA Test Conditions) specifications when comparing solar panels. An exceptional PTC will be above 180, a very good one above 177, and a below-average one downward.

- Compare the ratio of the PTC to the square footage of the panel. An excellent ratio will be above 14.

- If you are not able to install the panels yourself, investigate the installation costs charged by the solar panel dealer.

- Consider the cost of the accessories in the solar panel system which is required for the panels. Such accessories include mounts, monitoring equipment and batteries.

Like any other product you are in the market for, shopping around and comparing solar panels is very smart. It is the only way to ensure you are getting the very best deal possible.