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First Solar Recycling

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First solar is one of the leading providers in the United States for solar energy resources that can be used by home owners. Like many other providers of solar energy, they have begun to consider what happens to solar products when they reach they end of their useful lifetimes. This has become more of an issue due to global industrialization as well as economic growth; there are more disposable products filling landfills than ever before. This company has taken responsibility for their contribution to solar waste by working to reduce the number of cells and panels that wind up in future landfills as waste. This is done through the practice of extender producer responsibility. They were the first energy provider to establish a pre funded and comprehensive program for collecting and recycling solar modules. This recycling program will be described in further detail below.

The first thing to remember about First solar recycling is that there are few restrictions on it, as it is designed to be an easy way for people to recycle their end of life solar panels. There are no restrictions on when a person can request their solar cells to be collected. As long as you have a photo voltaic module made by the company, you can be a part of the recycling program simply by submitting a collection request online at the company website. The collection and recycling program applies not only to end of life solar modules but also to damaged ones. There are certain conditions that do apply, however, when it comes to the recycling program.

The original owner of the solar module is required to register the installation of their panels with the company. The records of installations are used to make the module recycling and collection program more efficient. It is also used to make sure that any negative environmental impacts that occur due to transportation or collection are minimized. Therefore, if you want to participate in First solar recycling, you will need to make sure your panels have been registered after you purchase them. Fortunately, the registration process is simple and can be completed in a few minutes. The individual solar panel modules contain both telephone and website contact information to make the process easier. The modules also contain notice that modules may be returned for recycling for free. The company takes care of how each module will be collected from the original owner, and also makes sure adequate packaging and transportation of the modules is provided so they can be moved to the recycling center.

The benefits of First solar recycling to the environment are clear. When measured by mass, around 90 percent of the solar panels and modules they collect from owners can be recycled into brand new products for future use. This potentially includes brand new solar panels and modules. The First solar recycling processes adhere to local waste management regulations and are conducted with a priority on safety so the environment is not inadvertently damaged during the process.