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Green Energy Guide

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The World is in Transition and Green Energy is the Bridge For That Change.

It’s difficult to pick up a magazine or jump from one website to another and not find an ad or article about green energy. The antiquated methods of powering everyday necessities are costing the collective population more than most of us realize as we automatically use fossil fuels to make our lives easier. Easy has its pitfalls and we are now teetering on the slope of ecological disaster due to our limited beliefs about how our personal and collective economies can function.

Green energy is not new; scientists and engineers were toying with the concept of turning light into energy in the mid-1800s, but not much was done to use the sun as an energy source until a French entrepreneur patented a motor than was capable of running on the energy from the sun. In 1870 a British gentleman began experimenting with primitive versions of today’s solar cells, but the real breakthrough came when William Adams used mirrors to power a steam engine and his concept, which is now called the Power Tower, is still a viable source of green energy.

A green energy guide was created in the late 1800s, but as the cost of coal dropped the need for green energy decreased in the minds of a developing population that had no idea that their choices would have such a major impact on future generations. In the 1950s silicon was identified as a conductor for the chemical reaction produced by the sun’s light and heat and the modern day solar cell was born. Green energy finally had a face and we named it solar panels.

Solar Panels are Just One Ingredient in a Green Energy World.
Solar panels have finally been recognized as credible energy sources in our twenty-first century lifestyle; once again the White House is equipped with solar panels in order to send a message to the masses. But, solar panels are just one ingredient in an effective green energy guide. In order to break away from the fossil fuels that are changing our environment we need to utilize the wind as well as electromagnet energy, biofuels, biomasses, and geothermal energy.

Wind turbines are popping up all over the world and wind kites are being used as power sources for homes and businesses in some areas. Off shore wind farms take green energy to another level. Wave power and water turbines are supplying hydro power in some European countries as well as in the US. Geothermal energy created from hot rocks deep below the earth surface produce steam that is converted to green energy and biomass boilers are converting plants into electricity.

Education is a tool in adversity and a light that shines on ignorance. Using eco-friendly products produced from recyclable materials and harvesting rainwater for the garden are other ingredients that help produce a green energy guide. Green energy use is rooted in education and the time to use the lessons we learned from our ignorance is now.