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Why Convert to Renewable Energy?

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As the economies of the world continue to be adversely effected by the ongoing shortages of the current fuels like oil, gas and coal, more and more of us will have to ask ” Why Convert to Renewable Energy?” Governments of the world will be forced to consider more use of renewable energy sources as the oil, gas and coal reserves are depleted. Our homes will become more expensive to heat and cool, and cars will become more expensive to drive. Our quality of life will go down as our fuel costs go up in relation to other expenses. What would you give up if your home started costing 400% more to heat and cool?

Why Convert to Renewable Energy? Renewable energy will never run out like oil, gas and coal. The sun will always shine, the wind will always blow, there is no shortage or garbage to turn into energy and things like corn and other crops grown for energy can be grown over and over. There are new experiments with, and sources of energy being worked on and discovered every day. As governments start funding more projects, the cost of energy will go down. As experts work with the different forms of sustainable energy, the systems for making, storing and delivering it will become more efficient and cost effective for everyone.

Individuals all over the world, and this country, need to become educated on the advantages of renewable energy. Governments need to be pressured by their citizens to break the stranglehold of big oil, gas and coal companies and pursue the many alternative energy sources available for fueling our modern society. Individuals taking a stand and converting homes or cars to better energy sources will provide a customer base and demand for energy companies to grow and expand. Every company needs customers to provide the funds it needs to improve it’s product and make industry advances that help improve the human condition.

If the people around the world embraced alternative energy sources the way they have the Internet and cell phones, the world would be a far better place. Convert to solar power because the sun is always there for us. Solar power has come a long ways in the last 10 years. Solar panels have become more efficient, less bulky and longer lasting. Solar powered batteries, roof shingles and paints are finding more uses. There are better ways available to store solar power for night time and cloudy day use. Wind power is another energy source that shows great promise in providing energy for communities across America. Wind turbines are being built in many communities to help provide power. There are good ways to store and distribute wind generated power around the community. Sooner or later we will not have any choice, so why not convert now before it becomes an emergency. Using at least part new energy sources now, will help save the traditional forms of energy like oil, gas and coal so they last longer. This will give the world more time to convert to the energy sources of the future. Why find better energy sources? To save the future of the human race. What will happen if the world runs out of fuel and has no replacement?