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Advantages of Solar Energy

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The advantages of solar energy are driving countless families across the States to ditch their traditional electric/gas providers in favor of a solar solution. It makes perfect sense, especially considering that the economy is in shambles, prices are skyrocketing, and citizens are scrambling to secure a stable financial future. It’s a tough time that demands making tough decisions—like switching from conventional energy to solar power.

For one, the advantages of solar energy are limitless because solar power itself is limitless, which means (according to the law of supply and demand) that it’s extremely cheap. In fact, it’s not just cheap; it’s 100% free—because sunlight is free! Other than the setup fee, which is dependent on the size of your home, powering your home via solar rays costs absolutely nothing. Whereas procuring conventional energy requires paying monthly fees to an energy provider, acquiring solar power merely requires cycling through the natural process of day and night. In the daytime your system collects energy, and then at night it expends it.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a setup fee. Keep in mind though that each year the price of a solar energy installation has quickly been dropping. As the technology advances, the financial costs associated with producing environmentally friendly energy solutions (solar, wind, water) will keep declining even further. Added to that, you don’t necessarily have to begin with a full setup. A more budget-friendly approach would be to purchase small bundles of solar panels per year—until you’ve acquired a full set. Regardless of which option you pursue, just remember that it’ll save you heaps of money in the long-run.

Another notable advantage of solar energy is that it can be applied anywhere. You don’t need to live in a crowded city to take advantage of the sun’s natural power. Since the energy comes directly from the sky, you could be positioned in the middle of an arid desert, a remote village, or an empty island. It doesn’t matter because sunlight isn’t restricted by the power grid and energy transport infrastructure associated with fossil fuels. Not only does this mean permit you to live anywhere you desire, but it keeps you free from the repercussions of political & economic turmoil. While your neighbors are complaining about increasing bills, you’ll be comfortable and content in your solar-powered home.

The most touted advantage of solar energy is that it’s environmentally friendly and pollution free. I don’t know what your political views are, but I imagine that you care about your community. And the best type of community is one that’s safe for animals and humans alike—a community devoid of smog, litter, and other nuisances. Though pursuing solar power may not seem like a big deal, you will in fact positively affecting your neighborhood by permanently reducing your carbon footprint.

So in conclusion, some of the advantages of solar energy include a lifetime of unlimited and 100% free energy, the ability to live anywhere you want, independence from the political & economic situations affecting others, and the knowledge that you’re making your community and the world a better place in which to live.