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What is a Solar Generator?

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The Overwhelming Consumption of Nonrenewable Energy is Creating a Demand for Solar Generator Use.

The use of solar generator power is certainly on the minds of environmental conscious people around the world. Petroleum, gas, coal, and propane consumption is creating enormous economic as well as individual issues. Their use continues to weaken a world that relies on fossil fuel for almost everything.

Our ignorance and lack of initiative when it comes to using the natural energy that surrounds us is hard to understand until we realize we do the same things over and over again and expect different results. Insanity does hang over our educated heads, but it seems we are finally becoming aware of our limited thought process and venturing out into the world of solar generator power.

A solar generator actually converts the energy from the sun into electrical energy. People around the world are breaking away from typical energy grids and using solar power to heat homes, businesses, churches, and schools. People are harnessing the power of the sun and the results are life changing. We are on the verge of reducing our insanity down to just a memory.

Several parts are needed in order to make a solar generator. Anyone can build one when they have the right parts and an understandable set of instructions. The first part needed is obviously the sun and the next part is a collector called a photovoltaic cell or solar panel. Solar panels are usually made with amorphous silicon or crystalline silicon. The positioning of the solar panel is critical. The panel must be angled strategically so it captures as much sunlight as possible.

Solar Generator Should Be Equipped with a Collector that Stores Energy and an Inverter That Changes DC Energy to AC Energy.

The next item needed is something to store the collected energy in until it’s needed. A deep cycle battery is the popular way to store energy in a solar generator. A continuous use 12 volt battery with a volt meter that measures incoming and outgoing electricity is capable of storing at least 12 volts of electricity. The energy collected and stored from the sun is called DC or direct current energy.

Since most household appliances and lights operate using AC or alternating current electricity the last part needed in a solar generator is an inverter that will convert the DC energy into AC electricity. Some consumers want to start small so they choose a 12 volt system which can power a couple of small items.

Once they become familiar with what a solar generator can do they usually add more panels to their existing generator or they purchase or build a larger model that is capable of supplying all the energy needed to power a house.

The solar generator is capable of eliminating our dependency on fossil fuel in a small way now, but as we move through the 21st century it will be a primary element in our quest to free ourselves from nasty fossil fuels as well as from our insanity.