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Solar Power for Homes

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When people think of solar power for homes, they often come to the conclusion that it is going to be expensive, and that it will not pay off before the hardware needs to be replaced. In addition to this, many consumers don’t know where to begin with their buying options. After all, many stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot have a limited selection on most green energy products, and many people are not familiar with installing them. So, the question that needs to be answered about powering a home with the power of the sun is what will the costs be compared to the benefits. The answer can be found by doing research and getting quotes.

Regarding the costs and benefits of solar power for homes, it is important to recognize that newer technology tends to move at a much faster pace than that which is already established. For this reason, internal combustion engines do not get changed and updated very dramatically, but laptop computers are still changing every day. The same can be said about solar power products.

The first benefit to those who have solar powered homes is a federal tax credit of $4,000. When this is combined with state tax credits that are available, some energy friendly shoppers are finding that there is more than one kind of green involved in getting solar power for homes. But this all depends on how much money is invested up front.

A solar water heater, for instance, costs thousands of dollars initially, but its marginal costs are minimal, and the life expectancy is twice that of a traditional water heater with a life expectancy of 15-30 years. Depending on the model one buys, the initial investment will be regained after 3-6 years, or 20% of the life of the product, making the rest of its time extremely affordable, which is found when a trained technician offers buyers several quotes to choose from

Solar panels provide a unique challenge to those wanting to get solar power for homes because they are deemed less efficient and just as expensive as a solar water heater, but the convenience of solar panels makes the savings worth the wait. Homes with solar panels are normally pictured as having panels on the roof, which makes sense because they have more exposure to the sun when they are out of the way of obstructions, but for those who have more land, solar energy can be gathered from the middle of a field or the roof of a shed.

The drawback to solar panels is that it takes about 10 years to regain the costs of the hardware and installation, but after that, the panels are making money for you. When combined with the extra tax credits, which vary by state, the amount of time it takes to regain initial investments and have the sun pay you for keeping you warm in the winter can be shortened dramatically, making solar power for homes the best way to go.